Tractor Battery
Tractor Battery
Battery Specification
  • High Cranking

  • Optimized Grid

  • Durable and robust

  • Suitable for Indian weather tropical climate

Tractor Batteries

Computerized design of the 'Negative Plates' provides perfect balance. Unique thorough partition, resistance welded inter cell connection.


- Well-designed 'Positive Plate' provide maximum surface area for high power and voltage endurance.

- Special computerized design of the 'Negative Plates' provides perfect balance along with the positive, thus giving maximum performance.

- Rugged POLYPROPYLENE containers assist in high impact resistance.

- Fine pores of polyethylene envelopes separators help in the free electrolyte movement between the positive and the negative plates. This enhances the cold cranking ability of the battery. Problems of internal short-circuits within the cell are also eliminated easily.

- The unique thorough partition, resistance welded inter cell connection, dramatically shortens the power path and minimizes voltage drop on cranking.

- The heavy-duty plate density provides increased plate strength.A special chemical formulation drastically reduces sulphation, allowing full recharging and significantly prolongs battery life.

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