Tesla Power USA
Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers are used to charge, diagnose and regenerate lost power of all types of lead-acid batteries.

Tesla Power USA is contributing to a smart and reliable future that will be accessible to everyone, everywhere. It helps EV manufacturers by providing EV chargers for quick and convenient charging. These EV Chargers will be installed across office complexes, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Retail outlets, etc. Tesla Power USA has widespread experience for creating charging infrastructure as per the needs of the next generation for smarter mobility. We believe in delivering innovation and quality that matches our customers' convenience and satisfaction level.


X-Power 3-in-1 Charger

The X-Power 3-in-1 charger is a battery charger powered by Tesla Power USA Inc., the best technology for the recovery of the lost potentials of any lead-acid battery that is mechanically and physically intact inside. We recommend using an X-Power 3-in-1 charger for all types of lead-acid batteries like Flooded, VRLA, AGM, and GEL batteries.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Tesla Power USA is market leader of electric vehicle charging technology. We manufacture top-line high quality charging systems that enable safe, fast, and reliable charging systems for electric vehicles at the most affordable cost. We always stay ahead of the competition due to our state of the art innovation and wide distribution network and support services.